I wondered, how many guys have been brave enough to take advantage of her as she danced herself around.

While wearing running pants I discreetly brushed my bulge across her bottom. She turned to see who and we began to stare. I wouldn’t look away before she did. The few moments of silent intrigue is all it took for me to know that I was liked well enough. Quickly now, the first thing I said was simple.

“All joking aside, you’re perfect.”

She’s in awe over my command of the room. I only make eye contact if I want something. The other women notice that Tara is the only one getting my attention. I walk her around the club and teasingly ask everyone I find alone, “where’s your partner?” Of course they all smile at such a question, each with their own interesting answer. My follow-up, always the same though, “you have nice teeth!” Like magic now, everyone’s smiling at her.

She must of heard me tell 20 woman those 2 simple lines that night. Truth was, I didn’t care where their partner was or how their teeth were. I just needed Tara to know they were all that easy.

She was mesmerized while I pushed her around the room, introducing myself, receiving favor after favor. No one seemed to mind, they all were eagerly happy to help. A drink of this and that, dinner, I even helped facilitate the sale of her shoes. It was easy after some boy told her “nice shoes”. That drunk geek paid handsomely in attempt prove to her exactly how nice he thought they were. Each interaction was mysteriously humorous at this point. Nothing that happened next would surprise her.

Most men liked to make a point of their favors towards her. Not me though. I always acted as if I could read her mind. I begin to play with the cherry skewer against her lips and teeth. Do you know how good it felt for her to sit there with her mouth open for me, while our new friends curiously watched on? To be fair, she did ask what I was doing into which I answered, “we should try not asking each other questions”.

I continued on while she sat still, her lips parted somewhat slightly so that I could scratch on her teeth. I was checking her heartbeat, repeatedly sensing her nervousness as I worked over her whole body with my free hand. I was touching this girl everywhere, she didn’t seem mind as long as I went quick.

Now after awkwardly playing dentist, having just met her a couple hours earlier, I tease her tongue into my mouth once our lip touch. She lends herself shamelessly into my mouth while I keep her secret hid between our matched lips.

A kiss lasting so long would have felt awkward if not for me tightly twirling her hair all the while. Once her hair twirled into a bun, our 2 friends’ skewers serving to hold it in place, our lips parted. One thing, as you know, leads to the next. I fold her a pirate hat from my unused napkin and perhaps hilariously, she feels like the coolest girl in the whole place. With my skewer, previously used to clean teeth, I held her to my best “Arr, we have taken thee shoes, now time ye walk the plank!”

Having much fun, she couldn’t think about any one thing for more than a few seconds, even forgetting she wore the pirate hat altogether. Shortly after she would anxiously follow me outside, into my car, and silently back home. ‘Finally, peace’, I thought to myself as she sat proudly beside, bestowing on me her most passionate gaze and biggest smile.

I like keeping lists of 10.

“Besides websites, I collect ties and money”, I continued, “I’ve already made the biggest mistake of my life.”

I bring forward the visor then break as dawn settles on the dash. I explain, “my car floats.” 1 rubber tube inflates below us, the car makes a u-turn and turns into a hovercraft, the fan reversed.

Every wave was absorbed into a spring, pumping water to cool the motors.

The spring is good for storing energy.